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    Connecting the Dots Between Well-being, Leadership & Intuition


  • Who We Are

    Eckhart Consulting is a pro-bono strategy and management consulting group at the University of Chicago. Since our founding in 2002, EC has advised a diverse set of non-profit, for-profit, and University clients. Working with professionals from top-tier consulting firms, EC consultants aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clients' operations.

    Work with Us

    We offer clients completely pro-bono strategy and operations consulting, a diverse and talented team of top University of Chicago students, advisors from top-tier management consulting firms, and specialized knowledge of the student demographic.

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  • Our Organization

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    Eckhart Consulting was founded in 2002 by a group of University of Chicago students seeking to gain experience in approaching strategy consulting cases as undergraduates. Today, EC has grown into one of the premier pre-professional student groups on campus. EC offers University of Chicago students the opportunity to tackle complex projects for real clients. Members learn data analysis techniques, build business intuition, develop their presentation style, and gain experience interacting with clients.

    Our members also benefit from a wealth of resources. Consultants are exposed to skill development trainings, gain valuable insights from advisors working at professional consulting firms, and have access to a diverse network of EC alumni working in a variety of professional fields.

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    Though at its heart Eckhart Consulting aims to help its members gain pre-professional experience in the field of consulting, EC has always striven to give back to the local Chicago community through its work. Many of our clients, large and small, are local to the Chicagoland area. When choosing cases, Eckhart's principals give great weight to the impact our work can have on the Chicago community. Furthermore, we play an active role in the University of Chicago community, taking on a project each academic quarter for the University's administration.

    With our projects, Eckhart Consulting's members seek to contribute valuable insights to the communities in which we participate.


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    We maintain the highest standards of professionalism and excellence in all of our projects. With the help of our advisors, Eckhart members learn to conduct business in a professional, client oriented manner, gain an understanding of industry best-practices, and perform honest analysis for clients.

    Through an extensive training program and hands-on mentorship, new consultants quickly learn to contribute valuable insights for their projects. As a whole, Eckhart teams work tirelessly to add value to our clients' firms.


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    Pro-Bono Service

    Eckhart Consulting is committed to providing affordable and pro-bono services to our clients. While our for-profit clients pay a small fee to cover our operating costs, we provide our consulting services to our non-profit and University clients free of charge. Through this commitment, Eckhart Consulting is able to take on engagements with the highest possible impact for our community.


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    Our members are incredibly dedicated to our clients' projects. Consultants typically work 5-7 hours per week evaluating clients' organizations, collecting and analyzing data, and formulating recommendations.

    Our consultants represent the top, most ambitious undergraduate talent at the University of Chicago: each member must complete a difficult application process consisting of a written application and two rounds of interviews. Typically, we accept fewer than 10% of applicants. Our intensive screening process allows us to offer clients the highest possible quality of service.

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    Our Work

    Our organization works with a wide variety of clients, from established Chicago organizations to start-ups just entering the market.

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    Case Competition

    EACH SPRING Eckhart Consulting and Bain & Company bring a consulting case competition to students at the University of Chicago. Previous clients have included Best Western, the Chicago Transit Authority, and I-GO, a Chicago car sharing company.

  • Meet Our Team

    Eckhart Consulting Members

    Reid Pilch

    Managing Director

    Kevin Qian

    Principal of Consulting

    Julia Loughlin

    Principal of Human Resources

    Walter Wong

    Principal of Business Development

    Tatsuya Hayashi

    Engagement Manager

    Joan Wang

    Engagement Manager

    Philip Crean

    Engagement Manager

    Alec Page

    Engagement Manager

  • Contact Us

    PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE to contact us with your questions.

    Our leaders' contact information is available below:


    Prospective applicants should address questions to:

    Julia Loughlin, Principal of Human Resources



    Prospective clients should address questions to:

    Walter Wong, Principal of Business Development



    Prospective advisors should address questions to:

    Kevin Qian, Principal of Consulting



    Other questions, including inquiries for recruitment of Eckhart members for professional firms should be addressed to:

    Reid Pilch, Managing Director



    Prospective clients can fill out an inquiry form below.

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